Double Dragon Trilogy

The release of Double Dragon Trilogy on mobile platforms will be of interest only to those representatives of the gaming community that caught the 8-bit consoles with their awkward rectangular joysticks.

Initially the game was planned for stationary game machines, but after migrated to the console, and the generation of “gamers nineties” had spent hours watching TV, trying to pass this difficult at the time of the game. Now grown-up uncles and aunts had the opportunity to talk about a carefree childhood.

Really project reissue Double Dragon Trilogy for Android took not many. And not surprisingly, at the moment it is a value only as educational tools, they say, look, what was playing Neanderthals. Of course these arguments are based on the current generation of players, the old-timers acquire this game only in order to pay tribute to the past.

Only has two modes: “arcade” and “story”. To explain their essence I think not. To the player as soon as possible adapted to the arcade controls, there are several variants. It is possible to adjust the level of difficulty.

If you are new to the world of Double Dragon, you should focus on the “Mobile”, and if you miss the harshness of the passage, then the modes “Master” and “Expert”. Team Portonova project, care about gamepad support, so those who are willing to go to the end, you can safely buy the joystick. Those annoying eight-bit music, if you want you can switch to the modified version of the audio track.

Double Dragon Trilogy has supplied the reference for each of the games of the trilogy, once again not to turn to the search engine. Story in games of this genre it conditional, the main characters are brothers Billy and Jimmy, who go in search of stolen girlfriends Marianne, on the way weighing not weak blows presumptuous bandits. Double Dragon Trilogy is another reason for nostalgia for the old times, and they, of course, was the best…

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