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Game of War To unite people from all over the world around something is a serious matter, even if they occur in the virtual space. Game of War: Fire Age Studio Machine Zone represent a strategy MMO that has a truly global…

Game of War includes typical network mobile strategies structure. You assume the role of the king and trying to build the most powerful Kingdom in the world. Competition you are the same dreamers.

The home front focuses on the construction and modernization of the already constructed. Some buildings needed for the extraction of resources (stone, wood, ore, food, silver, etc.) while others help to create troops, research new technologies and such processes. Each task in the city requires resources and time, you can still use the “accelerate” bonus.

Of course, the military aspect is also very important. You’ll need defensive structures and traps to hold “their”. Plus need attacking units to attack other settlements and loot them. The head of the army is always the Character – unique and with a strong character who develops along with the progress in the story.

In this game, everything seems quite familiar. Has not done even without an Alliance with other gamers and joint achievements. Noticeable changes is how the developers have overcome the language barrier among your audience. While other multiplayer strategy put people on servers by language, this game translates chat so that it is understood by all. Here you have successfully applied crowdsourcing you can actually earn some rewards by correcting words the system understands.

This is undoubtedly cool, but the whole gameplay is built on the other. The fact remains – if your city is not involved in an intriguing inter-faction war, you will have every day to not perform the original task and wait until the timer ends. Even the daily quests of the Alliance does not Shine.

Screen in Game of War for Android is filled with various icons and information. Some of them are really useful, some do seem unnecessary, although the navigation is quite normal. It is impossible not to remember the Ghost, called “Pay to win” — it will haunt you regularly. Very typical for this genre.

Game of War: Fire Age has taken some steps to revolutionary innovations, but stopped halfway. The project will suit to all lovers of this genre, but a larger count is, unfortunately, not worth it.

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