Botanicula Game

Botanicula Botanicula is the latest adventure game from Amanita Design Studio, which became famous thanks to Machinarium. The project has managed to fascinate and disappoint at the same time, let’s get acquainted with him closer.

Botanicula android offers a beautiful and whimsical world where players will control a group of insects that are trying to restore their small universe. As it turns out, was destroyed by the dark spiders. At least I understand the plot.

The project is full of dialogue, understanding and learning which allows you to move through the virtual world. Gameplay Botanically requires constant interaction with the objects around, as well as completion of goals. The story is designed both for younger and adult audiences.

Of course, this toy was created for those who love abstraction and adventure. However, despite the insects, most of the time you’ll have to deal with puzzles is often unclear and not obvious. Principles of interaction in them, sometimes deciphered with difficulty. In addition, we must mention the low level of interactivity, despite the illusion of its usefulness and globality.

Each Chapter of the game Botanicula some moments which stop only because of a misunderstanding of what I want from you. Fortunately, the project was released on PC earlier, because to find the passage in network is quite simple, but we would advise you to achieve the desired result.

Level maps available from the start, understand the navigation to locations fairly easily, so the decision can be found on their own, just try!

Good game (expect) have worked on the emotions of the protagonists, their appearance and styling of the whole game. It is not a sensation, which was Machinarium, but the high professionalism of the Studio again confirmed. The rest of the findings everyone has the right to do for himself.

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