Angry Birds Transformers

Have you dreamed about getting in the game Angry Birds you can shoot at anything that somehow moving? Probably not. However, after the premiere of the teaser of the new project from Rovio, gamers realized that this will be the next step in the evolution of the popular series.

Angry Birds Transformers is a game which departs from the usual format, which already makes it interesting. However, rapid progress in it you will not succeed. Timers work very slowly, with a status of “conditionally free” games.

The project blended several genres: autorunner, side-scroller and shoot-em-up. You will manage a variety of Transformers, in the style and spirit of the series, who resist Eizabethan (EggBots). Instead of throwing birds, you now need to shoot the enemies, and even better for all sorts of platforms and objects, the destruction of which gives the best result.

Levels in Angry Birds Transformers for Android look very fun, dynamic, to some extent, even “cinematic”, but they can hardly be called diverse. Locations not take long, 3-4 minutes is the maximum.

One of the key pieces of the game, in addition to three-dimensional graphics and animated inserts is the possibility of transformation to vehicle and back. Interesting and quite an effective moment.

Frankly, you will not be able to “hang” in the universe Angry Birds Transformers due to the presence of different timers-limiters. You can upgrade your transformer, giving him more health or strength, but all will take time. This is probably the main negative point, although it could be done, if you pay real money.

Cool to form a team of your favorite heroes or villains of the series “transformers” and gradually develop it. Overall, Angry Birds Transformers can not be called traditional project Studio, it is much different from what it was before. Positive we saw more than a negative, especially a lot of the time you have it away will not (due to restrictions).

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