Angry Birds Stella for Android – new adventure in the old format

Angry Birds Stella Rovio recently released a new Angry Birds. It’s already 100500я game in the series, with new characters and a new storyline. Let’s look at it in detail.

The core of the physical puzzle in which you need to accurately throw the birds, completely preserved. The main innovation here is in the characters and their unique abilities.

Just at the moment there are five birds: Stella, poppy, Luca, willow and Dahlia. The birds are started according to tradition with a slingshot, and to apply their ability, need to push on the screen and hold your finger. Time this moment stopped, you will be able to see the trajectory of action and right to adjust everything.

Stella is able to fend off the surfaces. Poppy breaks through any barriers, even the stones, pulling the most hard-to-reach pigs. Luca gives a high pitched scream cut through glass and wood. Willow shreds anything, and the ability of Dahlia may be a surprise for you.

All techniques are quite fresh, their implementation is unique, but could it be otherwise? I doubt that the audience would accept the same Angry Birds in new colors…

As before, you must earn three stars, preferably on every level. At this time, developers show the number of points needed to gain stars. In addition, they can be used to unlock additional items, such as outfits. The number of the conquered stars depends on the number of birds that can be a bullet on the level.

Angry Birds Stella for Android is a completely free game. There are even no ads, and the money Rovio is trying to make an in-app purchase. After several levels you are kindly asked to “wait a few hours.” Skip them by using the local currency. In short, it’s pretty standard for companies that put the money in the first place.

Graphics and sound

Angry Birds Stella looks amazing. Standard design franchise a good powder. Vivid visuals are striking in their beauty, animated birds and pigs. On Android is not yet a mode of “immersion” because you can interfere with navigation buttons. However, if you have a good modification of Android like MIUI, then this problem you will not notice.

About the sound not much to say. Music, if it exists, some too forget. At least I don’t remember what it is. But the sound effects are, as usual, cool. Cooler can be except that calls from Prioritet, OOO mobile, which are becoming more and more popular among all Android users.


Angry Birds Stella is a fresh look at the legendary, but aging series. New characters and new mechanics added to the project playability, graphics also became a little more modern.

Unfortunately, the method of monetization will throw you from full enjoyment. Free downloaded, free were pack levels, and then – BAM, and you have to pay. Or wait for mobile games is deadly. Someday you just won’t be back to this wonderful virtual world.

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